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Bear Valley Springs Pony Club News

Submitted by Jill Williams


Among the more popular booths at the recent Fourth of July event near Cub Lake was Bear Valley Springs Pony Club’s kissing booth. The lovely lady with loose lips wasn’t one of the club’s human members, however, but a Miniature Horse named Penny. The patient Penny indulged all comers for three days straight, always ready for a smooch.


Penny is part of the menagerie at My Pony Go Round, a Bear Valley-based business that offers pony rides and petting zoos at birthday parties and other events. My Pony Go Round generously donated the use of Penny to BVS Pony Club for the Fourth of July festivities, as well as donated a portion of the proceeds from the weekend’s petting zoo and pony rides.


Just a few days after manning the kissing booth, Debbie Swarens, the head of BVS Pony Club, and four of the young Pony Club members caravanned to Moorpark with four horses for a week of Pony Club camp. Our BVS campers, ranging in age from eight to 12, joined approximately 50 other Pony Clubbers from around the region for twice-daily mounted lessons, horse management instruction, and all manner of equine activities perfect for horse-crazy kids. By all accounts, both the campers and adults had a marvelous time and came home with fresh ideas and new horse knowledge.


Pony Club meets weekly right here at the BVS Equestrian Center with lessons for both adults and children of all skill levels. For more information, please contact Debbie Swarens at 661 825 5042.